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tv   11 News Saturday Morning  NBC  May 22, 2010 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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and replace your old mayo [ female announcer ] it's time to raise the bar with the full flavor of kraft mayo with olive oil. ♪ made with half the fat and calories of hellmann's real mayo... ...kraft mayo with olive oil is the new standard in mayo. >> welcome to "saturday morning news." let's go to john collins with the weather. >> clouds are thicker this morning trying to make rain. it is not working right now. >> so a nice morning until -- >> ok morning this new york because temperatures are nice and everything. but this afternoon, this evening, take a look at the radar. we'll show you what we mean.
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the storm is trying to come in. it is a little -- the word discombobulafed comes to mind, if you remember that word. it is not a well put together storm. in it's attempt to come in here, it will take forever to move through once it starts. today is the latest chance of rain of the next couple. it straddles the weekend, of course. they will receive some spotty shower attempts over maryland just off to the north and west of it is all up in the clouds. it is not making it to the ground. the real rain shower activity is back in ohio, its mountains of pennsylvania, place ysts like that. we'll talk about how this storm, so to speak, will affect us and our weekend coming up in just a minute. >> to our big story this morning. new developments in baltimore struggle to make ends meet. >> several proposals going to city council designed to close a $21 million budget deficit.
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>> despite the budget problems david collins found out there is a proposal to give deputies a $14,000 raise. >> breathing fire. the department rank and file already angry about cuts are furious that deputy fire chiefs may each get a $14,000 pay increase. >> the men and women out there on the back steps are running into burning buildings. they deserve a raise also. >> city hall is struggling to close a $121 million budget deficit. city council will get new generating proposals monday. jim kraft wants to expand on stephani rawlings-blake's proposal to expand on the phone tax by including table tv. kraft believes it is do-able since cable runs on a line.
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>> when you get your phone bill, it will be instead of $3.50 it will be $4.00. >> jack jung wants to penalize vacant property owners and encourage them to find den ants through a vacant building fee. the current fee would go up to $100 for residential and $200 for commercial. those who fail to register face $500 in fines. >> when you think about vacant owners, a lot of them aren't in the city anymore. >> two liter-size containers are still on the table even though a majority of council members owe, no vote has been taken. critics con tend the amount has never been veffed. >> the bottle tax appears to be something that should be done at a minimum regionally , if not, considered state-wide. then it doesn't pit jurisdiction against juries -- jurisdiction
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for sales. >> david collins, wbal-tv news. >> the vacant property fee could raise $1 million a year. the cable tv tax could generate $10 million. >> a 2% reduction in property taxes. >> a trial date is now set for city councilwoman. the trial set for october 5. judge sweeney, the same judge that presided over former mayor sheila dixon's corruption trial will also hear the case against holton. she is accused of -- holton is currently chairwoman of the compounl's taxation, finance, and economic development committee. >> an 8-year-old dead this morning after being found in a stream. rescue crews responded to the 1200 block of splashing brook
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drive before 8:00 friday night. they found the boy in the water in cardiac arrest. he was rushed to the upper scheak medical center where he died. a harford county fire official described the effort it took to locate the boy once crews got to the area. >> they were directed to a wooded area to one of the homes. they had to travel a heavily wooded area half a mile behind that residence. >> there is no word on how that boy ended up in the water. >> a truck caught fire in anne arundel county. sky team 11 was over i-972:30 friday afternoon. traffic was backed up for miles after a truck packed with cardboard caught on fire. the flames jumped to nearby brush, the fire was contained without incident, and there were no reports of any injuries. >> another accident in baltimore county killed one person. it happened around 12:30 yesterday afternoon on delaney valley road. police say the vehicle caught
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fire not long after it crashed. police are withholding the victim's name until next of kin have been notified. the cause of that crash is under investigation. >> parents in northwest baltimore are outraged this morning. they say a school bus driver stranded their preschool aged children. officials say it happened after a minor accident on the way home from school. 11 news i-team reporter barry simms has more. >> this school bus delivers kids home from school. now it is minus one passenger. kaia smith now gets a ride to and from school in a car. >> my daughter gets a ride to and from school. there will not be another bus incident for my child. >> sle refuses to allow her to ride the bus because of a situation wednesday. >> love learned the bus in was in a minor accident. >> i went to the scene of the accident and my daughter was not on the bus. there were four kids on the bus
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and the rest of the bus was empty. >> love said she talked to the bus driver. he told her it was his first day on the route and he allowed the kids to get off and walk home. love became hysterical. >> the bus had an accident. just for shear purposes to make sure all the children were ok, he wasn't supposed to let them off without notifying the school and or the parents. >> they found kaia walking along pimlico near a bar. >> the area is a known drug area, it is known for gang violence. it is unsafe all the way around, and that is just negligence. i can't understand. >> we asked the bus service for comment. a spokeswoman declined and referred us to the city school transportation department. love said she did complain to a representative of the allender bus company. >> when you have a bus driver dropping chinch off the bus something has to be done. he simply apologized and said it would not happen again. >> 11 news did contact the
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baltimore county public school system. a spokesman said an investigation is underway and the school system has ininstructed the contractor that the bus aide cannot work with school students pending the outcome of the investigation. >> the friends ever julio gonzalez are demanding justice. he fell victim to a hirn last -- hit-and run last week. anyone with information is asked to call police. >> coming up, a website that -- a clothing website that promises the perfect fit. >> plus we head to the gulf of mexico and that massive oil spill. why fears are beginning to flow inland. >> first john has your insta-
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>> frustration is growing this morning along the gulf coast over the oil that continues to pour into the water and the perception that bp hasn't provided enough information about what it is or is not doing to handle the disaster. jay gray has more from venice, louisiana.
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>> the beaches in grand isle are closed this morning because the oil has moved in. bp engineers estimate they are capturing 200 million barrels of oil a day with an insertion tube. they are sending a team of scientists to the site to get a handle on how much that might be. >> this team will put together a very important report about what we think the actual estimate is of the oil emitting from this well. >> the effort to stop that flow that is been delayed again, bp pushing back the top kill process they opened to stop sunday. >> forecasts for when this operation will take place will be some time in the coming week. our best estimate is probably tuesday. i would stress these operation rs complex and we won't start the job until all the equipment is staged and everything is in place. >> with oil still creeping into the marshlands, billy nungesser
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is tired of waiting. he said he will start dredging a protective barrier with or without federal approval. >> we can't sit by and watch our marshes destroyed. this is incredible that we're sitting here weeks later begging for the permit and begging for bp to step up to the plate and do the right thing. >> instead, they are just begging now for engineers to find a way to stop the flow of oil. >> jay gray, nbc news, louisiana. >> take a look at our live h.d. doppler radar this morning. not much going on around here. an attempt at sprinkles north and west of town even in cecil county. it is all up in the clouds, though. real rain chance will hold off until later today. this storm is at the moment -- i hesitate to call this a storm.
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it's more of a disturbance. it is coming in a really dry air mass. even though we had warm temperatures yesterday, it wasn't all that uncomfortable because the humidity is down. so at the moment, this is not having much success as a rain maker out there. there are showers in the mountains of pennsylvania that are scattered and spotty and also west virginia and ohio and that's about it. as we get deeper into the day, the rain chances go up. >> all right. let's look at the clouds that we have this morning. it is overcast at the airport. 66 at b.w.i. marshall is the low so far this morning. we're a lot warmer this morning or less chilly than we were yesterday morning. we're starting the morning out really mild. if we had a shot at sun we would have a good day starting out. but with the clouds and the eventual prospect for rain, it looks like it will be considerably cooler. humidity is up. the barometer is also at the moment high, and that's what's keeping the actual rain fall
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away. annapolis down to 65. easton down to 59. that's their low. a lot of these readings that you see now are probably going to amount to lows this moorning. west minister 66. york 63. frederick 64. out in far western maryland, oakland, 65 degrees. here's that cloud deck overhead. breaks in the clouds. a few thin spots in the clouds out in western maryland as well. so right now we have these high clouds overhead. again they are trying to produce some sprinkles. here's the weather feature itself. there is not much to it. it tuesdayed to be an actual low pressure center and a cold front. the cold front has dissolved into this line. and the low pressure center itself is dissipating. this will become mower an up every air feature and be with us all winter. it is running smack dab into high pressure from georgia down to the maritime provinces of
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canada. it is having a hard time breaking into that. but it will be hanging around all weekend long. this afternoon and this evening our rain chances will go up. in general, mid 70's for highs. boaters in the bay can expect a southeast wind at 5 to 10 knots and that rain chance of course. and somebody somewhere might pick up a rumble of thunder or two. it wouldn't be out of the question, but it is not a good chance for that. here's our insta- weather futurecast. watch the timeline here. as you can see, later in the afternoon, rain chances begin to increase for our area and be with us overnight tonight and into sunday and even into monday and tuesday. although by monday and tuesday it will become much more scattered and start to pull out of the area. seven-day forecast next. 76 today. only 70 tomorrow. today's rain chances increase later on during the day. chances go down monday and become more scattered and finally start moving out of the area. tuesday we get more sun into the
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picture. temperatures start to warm up. we wind up once we dry out back in the 80's for highs. >> there is a fury little critter running around on all fours at the white house. it is not beau the doing. there seems to be quite a bit of discussion as to whether this is a field mouse, a regular house, a rat or a vole or a mole. but there are a couple things for sure. number one, it was a rodent and it was not invited to the president's speech or financial reform earlier this week. we are told president obama never even saw the critter. you know, maybe he was trying to crash the state dinner. >> i don't know. >> coming up, world class soccer is officially back -- on its way back to baltimore. >> plus when you shop online there are no fitting rooms but there is a web site to help you
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find the perfect fit. how it works in consumer alert. >> on saturday, the first-time ever street festival. a chance to eat your way around
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>> in this morning's consumer alert. two recalls to tell you about. first, 534,000 hewlett packard laptop batteries. lithium batteries in laptop computers could overheat or rupture. you may recall a similar situation last year. at least 11 injuries have been reported. >> wall mart is recalling about -- walmart is recalling general electric coffee makers after complaints of over-heating and fires. they were sold exclusively at wall-mart between march 2008 and
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january 2010. anyone with that product should return it for a full refund. for information on either recall visit our web site at and click on "consumer." >> a web site for you. all you have to do is enter your measurements and the site picks out the clothes that will look the best for your body type. >> so many clothes, alltive -- all different sizes. what to pick? whether you order on line, do you know what size it really is? >> we're not making clothesing for you. we basically match you. we are like a personal matchmaker for clothes. >> enter >> things -- resist the urge to cheat. things won't fit right if you do. it takes your measurements and shows you clothes that will fit.
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even full outfits. >> it is like geranimals for grown-ups. >> i didn't put my measurements in for maybe three months. i don't know anybody who really wants inform jump -- to jump over. >> i ordered from them, i opened the box, and i ordered a couple outfits, and i put them on. everything fit. >> they even offer a blind option, because do you really always want to know what size really fits you? >> they see the size and they think i don't want to be that size or if they are in a dressing room they have to barack et the 12 with the 10 and the 13. nobody likes that. >> you can click on size lists in your prenchtses.
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>> basically we don't show them the size but we recommend the right size for them. when they get it home that's their first opportunity to peek at it. usually they try it on, it fits, they keep it. >> and they cut the tag out. >> they can cut the tag out if they want. >> if you would like to try on some clothes, the online retailer go to >> first a look at events going on around town this weekend.
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>> the festival will shut down the thorough fair today. as jennifer franciotti reports, charles street offers live entertainment, children's activities, and an opportunity to sample some of the best restaurants in baltimore. >> charles street is an appetizing place. >> on saturday for the first time ever the 300 block of charles street will be shut down for a street festival. from noon until 5:00 "let's eat charles street" is to celebrate the vibrancy of what the area has to offer. >> we will have live music, activities for the kids, and you can make a whole day of it coming down here. we'll be also selling refreshments, beer, and wine
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from spirits of mount vernonon. >> it is a fun dish. >> one of over a dozen restaurants of various cuisine that will offer smaller versions of dishes. >> eggplant, artichokes, truffles, wild mushrooms, high night light refreshing desh. >> sam says let's eat charles street is an opportunity to gain new customers. >> this also goes for stores like the women's industrial exchange. stheff been helping women sell their wares since 1880. >> i think this is the quaintest spot in baltimore. i'm excited we will have music, activities, and be able to have our items out for sale. >> come down and have fun. i'm hungry and thiferty. >> as for parking, which can be an issue, you can park off street and have the parking
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garage in franklin on saturday. >> that sounds like a lot of fun. >> it does, as long as the raindrops stay away. >> 6:47. 66 degrees on tv hill. coming up, a look at our top story. >> and the latest from india where at least 160 people are feared dead after a plane crash there. >> and maryland's endangered oyster population when "11 news saturday morning" continues. stay with us. [ laughs ]
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>> welcome back to "11 news saturday morning." thanks for joining us today. >> first let's look outside with john. >> a good weekend. we have had a couple great days here. it was very nice yesterday. low humidity. 87 for the high. we're in for quite a bit of a letdown here. weather system coming in has been pretty active out to the west. we have also had extremely dry air here. and some nice warm temperatures for a couple days.
6:31 am
this storm is becoming more disorganized as it moves into the great lakes. as it runs into the high pressure we have had, it is also drying up the atmosphere that's moving in a little bit. so the rain echo activity that you see over the northern portions of the chesapeake bay, it is all above the clouds. it is what we call verga, it is evaporating before it hits the ground. later today and tonight real rain chances come in for us and stick with us. >> the numbers are dismal. maryland's chesapeake bay oyster option are only 1% of what it once was. the state leaders plan to fix that. >> governor martin o'malley released a plan to revive the struggling oyster business. >> the dwindling number of oysters in the chesapeake bay is shocking. the number is just a small amount of what it once was.
6:32 am
that has had a ripple effect on maryland's economy. luke says he's selling 10% of the demand he sees. >> it is difficult. sometimes i feel like cysiphus -- i push the rock up to the top of the mountain, and it rolls back down. under -- >> under the new regulations the governor would expand the opportunity for watermen or businesses to cage and grow oysters. >> none of this is easy. if we are informed, if we are guided by science and we stick to what we know will work, then we actually can make a bepter day for the oyster as we have already brought about a better day for the crab. >> growing oysters and tupts officials say for more farming jobs and a cleaner bay. oysters naturally filter water. >> it is an exciting day. thank you 100 -- thank you.
6:33 am
100 years of oyster mismanagement are going to be turned around today. >> officials say this strategy could generate economic impact over the next several years. those same officials make no promse promises this plan will go exactly as planned. >> i learned over the years when you are dealing with mother nature there are no guarantees. what i would say is we're very hopeful because we base this on the best science available. >> and that was george reporting. he said the plan could go in effect by october. however the state wants to spend $40 million a year on it, and right now they only have $10 million. >> taking a look at some of the other top stories, officials say there are eight survivors but as many as 160 people are feared dead after an air india express plane over-shot a runway in southern india. the plane arriving from dubai crashed. it was ready to set down a
6:34 am
tricky runway stop. firefighters sprayed water on the fire while rescuers searched frantically for survivors. >> back here in maryland, baltimore police are investigating the latest shooting in the city that happened just after 8:30 last night. police responded to the 2700 block of alondra avenue. the man was shot several times. no word yet on his condition. >> crews are working to repair a watermain break in east baltimore. officials with the department of public works say the road will remain closed until sometime this morning. a 12-inch water plane broke leaving more than a dozen apartments without water. >> soccer returning to m&t stadium. >> details ahead in sports. >> i'm rob roblin. mandatory concussion testing for all athletes playing contact
6:35 am
sports in howard county next year. that story coming up. >> a weak weather disturbance. enough to produce a chance of rain for the next couple days. our insta-weather plus forecast next.
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>> some mild temperatures. a cloud cover out there. a storm trying to come in. the air is still pretty dry at the surface. what we see on our live h.d. doppler radar here in the northeast part of maryland is those clouds overhead trying to produce some rain. as i menged with the dry atmosphere, it is not making it to the ground except maybe a sprinkle or two. the real rain chance will kick
6:38 am
in later today as more moisture starts moving into the area. we will have kind of an east-southeast wind. with this weather disturbance approaching from the west eventually the air will become more saturated and allow for a chance of showers. this morning, fairly rain free, if not totally. we might pick up a couple sprinkles. more on that in a minute. i mention the mild readings. 66 at the airport. that's the low so far this morning. not quite as chilly as it was this mourning or the morning before. 65% the humidity. a lot more moisture this morning than there has been the loost couple days. relative humidity is -- everything is relative to the temperature. 30.13 the barometric pressure. so the more easterly wind combined with the warmer air from the west will eventually get the air wet enough. we need some rain. for the month so far just over an inch and a half has fallen.
6:39 am
we are over an inch short on the month. and for the year, we have lost that edge that we had earlier now, and we have a deficit of a little better than a thid of an inch. so rain is not bad news. we could use it, it is just the weekend timing is a little questionable. >> on the boardwalk it is 61. frederick 64. >> a break in the clouds as far as western maryland. here's the cloud deck overhead. again, it is not much of a rain producer. the air is too dry. breaks in the clouds. lower eastern shore. the real rain has been happening in these brighter clouds out in ohio and west virginia ahead of this weak weather disturbance. it was better to find yesterday and the day before -- it was better defined yesterday and the day before. it runs into this area of high pressure from georgia to the
6:40 am
maritime provinces of canada. that's one big area of dry air and stable air. this is moving into it. it is being moved up a little bit. rain chances are on the rise during the day today. rain chances increasing today. thunder a chance, but not a big chance. baseball game. down in d.c. the o's and mets. southeastern -- we look at our eastern sky. chances of rain. that extends into sunday. the chance of rain is still there, although it becomes a little more scattered as the system is trying to pull out.
6:41 am
our seven-day forecast 76 today. 70 tomorrow. today's rain chances on the rise but really not all that significant until tonight and tomorrow whether the rain chances are higher for more moderate activity. maybe a rumble of thunder. not a chance for that. monday and tuesday the rain will be thinning out and we'll see more sun trying to breakthrough. temperatures start to rise a little bit. by ones and thursday we're back in the 80's with partly cloudy skies. end of the week, more scattered thunderstorms. >> well, it was great weather for bike to workday. a ton of people took advantage of it. people all over the area decided that they would bike to work instead of driving. in hart ford county, may is also clean commute month which offers added incentive to leave the car in the garage. >> we're looking at an epidemic now in childhood obesity. we want to engage our kids in the idea of being active, getting on bicycles, but we also want adults to do the same
6:42 am
thing, too. >> upper county's bike to workday with events in baltimore city, anne arundel, carroll. >> this morning howard county is the state's first school system to implement mandatory concussion testeds for high school athletes. here's 11 news reporter rob roblin with the story. >> it is the fess every high school athlete will have to take in howard county next year. it is a test that could save their lives. >> they give you shapes and different figures. you have to remember the exact shape. >> john is talking about the concussion test every high school athlete playing a contact sport will have to take next year. >> it takes about 25 minutes to do, and it measures your cogtive skills where they are and when they are normal. once the athlete has a con -- concussion, then we have something to test again.
6:43 am
have them take the test again and see how far off they are. >> the test is to make sure an athlete is ready to return to the playing field. >> it is a great indicator of when the kid is safe to come bk and -- back and can participate in athletics. >> john was knocked out in a wrestling match. because of the test he took voluntarily he had to wait to play sports. >> if it was up to me i would have been back in action when lacrosse started up monday that week. but i had to sit touth out two -- sit ute two weeks. >> john's mom thinks the test could have saved her son serious injuries. >> he kept kelling us he was fine, and then he started admitting he wasn't 100% fine. >> howard county is doing more than relying on this test to keep their athletes safe. >> so any time we suspect a concussion we're going to set them out until they have medical
6:44 am
clearance to return to play. so even without the testing we would have a program in place that would sit the kids at risk out until they are cleared by a medical professional. >> rob roblin, wbal-tv 11 news. >> up next, charles here to show you three steps to getting rid of back fat. >> plus, how two world class teams will once again compete in baltimore. >> first, a look at last night's winning lottery numbers. my dentist says brushing alone isn't enough to avoid dental problems. [ male announcer ] act total care mouthwash rebuilds enamel and kills bad breath germs.
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>> coming up, ways to get rid of back fat. what are your tricks? >> we don't want back fat. there are three ways you can do it with weight training. you want to work the lat muscle, which is one of the largest muscles in your back. when you work the larger muscle groups you burn more calories and you burn more fat. when you work your ham strings, your glutes, and your lats, you can burn more calories that way. don't be afraid to lift heavy. i also recommend doing this three times a week. so first you want to do -- how heavy is this? >> 65 pounds. you can do a single row like this up and down. i would stay between five and
6:48 am
seven repetitions. if i am doing 15, it is too light. switch it to this side. i like doing it singally because i can work both sides of my lat muscle. >> and it is all just for balance? >> for balance. you can use a weight bench for this as well. also, we can do your lower back which a lot of people miss which will help your abdomen natural muscles, too. so you can do an exsention. it is challenging on this floor. you go up and down. >> you are not even going that far up. >> you don't want to hyper-extend too high. >> this is a huge exercise ball. mine is a lot smaller at home. >> you probably want a 55. this will be challenging. >> a little slippery on the floor. so we'll see. >> this is working the lower portion of your back. you can pull. >> you pull straight back?
6:49 am
>> yes. >> try not to slide. >> if you are by yourself at home, how do you do this? >> you hook it around something. >> pull straight back. >> a lot of gyms have machines that do this. >> i do feel it, a little bit of my arms, too, my triceps. >> i am trying to stay on this ball. >> when you are on a ball it works your core. you are working your legs and this section as well as your back. so give me 100 more. >> i don't know about that. my shoe is about to give out here. again, the idea is to help strengthen your back. >> it will make you stronger and more stable. any time you work the mid section it works your core more. we also want to incorporate cardiovascular exercises. you want to stay at 65% of your
6:50 am
target heart rate. that way you can be in your fat-burning zone. >> can you just use weights? >> you can use weights. you want to do the first weight i showed you, trying to stablize yourself. >> ok. good workout. if you want to get in touch with charles check out his web site at stay with us. we have much more news ahead.
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>> with so many things going wrong for the orioles this year i guess you have to celebrate the little moments where things go in their favor. the start of inter-league play and the birds knock off the nationals 5-3. any time two teams from the beltway get together it is not exactly october energy but it is still a fun break from the schedule. the scott olson pitch buried three rows deep. runners in scoring position. craig tatum with the riberibe single. -- with the r.b.i. single. david herneds gets his start as the orioles knock out the nationals at the start of inter-league play.
6:54 am
>> one month later futbol comes to baltimore. pete gill wert with more -- gilbert with more on the international tension that will descend on baltimore. >> how about that! >> more than 71,000 fans watched as chelsea defeated a.c. milan. an atmosphere that surpassed all expectations. >> we are excited to have soccer come k back to m&t stadium. >> milan on the dock et this summer. a friendly event for them but for baltimore another critical event. m & t might play host in the future for games that mean so much. >> we hope whether the u.s. gets the world cup awarded to it baltimore will be a city that has matches. >> we keep selling these games
6:55 am
out, we will keep bringing the international games back here, and maybe if we fill the bases, we could hit a grand slam. the world cup in baltimore would be a grand slam. >> the 2010 world cup begins next month in south africa. the groundwork must be laid n some eight to 12 months in advance to ensure inclusion. with with millions of dollars on the line it is work well received. >> hopefully that -- soccer comes to m&t stadium on july 31. >> the wizards. which player to take? wizards will get to narrow down their choices, and it is a straight-forward choice. take either kentucky star ajohn wall or -- the two players have the high profile of this week's
6:56 am
nba rookie combination but even there it doesn't seem like much of a match. not as easy going as this one -on-one match. he has a washington, d.c. mailing address in his immediate future. >> you know, i can't wour worry about the things that happen on the court. i had a tough year. they traded a lot of players in. my goal is to go in, be the point guard, and change organizations around. >> not a lot of indecision there. he sounds like he's locked up and delivered to the wizards. the nba draft takes place in late june. >> well, for the minnesota vikings, it is speculation season. will he or won't he? brethfarve, the question, will he or won't he come back this coming season? all sinds point to maybe, probably, likely. that's because he reportedly underwent affle surgery later this week. farve said earlier in the off season for him to come back he would have to have affle
6:57 am
surgery. if that affle surgery proves successful he'll need six weeks of recovery time before he's up for another nfl season. at the start of training tining camp there are still months ahead of speculation, will he or won't he come back yet again. if he does, will he change his mind yet again. trust me, the answer to that will change several times between now and then. i'm gerry sandusky. hope your weekend is off to a fantastic start. >> hoot rods are taking over the beach this weekend at ocean city. the car show features more than 3,000 hot rods, customs, classics, street machines, muscle cars and more. the street features a morning ma raid. the show runs through 4:00 p.m. sunday afternoon.
6:58 am
>> rain really doesn't come into the picture until tomorrow. >> for us, sprinkle chance this morning. this morning pretty manageable if you want to get out and do something. this afternoon and this evening, rain chances increase. maybe even a rumble of thunder. only into the 70's for highs. >> thank you, john. thank you for watching. >> that's all the time we have now. stay tuned for the "today show." we'll see you back here in 25 minutes.
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